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@ACSHorg NSF International and Matis (3rd party laboratories) both confirm pH 8.88 of Iceland Spring.
31 July 2015
Hey @ACSHorg, Iceland Spring source is in Heidmork.Check second paragraph of this Universiy of Iceland website
31 July 2015
@analyticallyfab @Kaileykails @surt_lab Hey :) Iceland Spring and Good & Delish water is the same water. From same source and same pH.
30 July 2015
@Kaileykails @analyticallyfab @surt_lab Please check this website from the University of Iceland. Second paragraph
27 July 2015
@Kaileykails @analyticallyfab @surt_lab Water source is Heidmork in Iceland. Water there is naturally high ie pH 8.8-9.0
27 July 2015
@Kaileykails @analyticallyfab @surt_lab We are independently tested by two 3rd partys, NSF and both measure pH 8.88 or higher
27 July 2015
@username00122 Latest analysis by NSF International states that Fluroide is ND (Not Detected) with detection limit 0.1 mg/L.
21 April 2015
Check this out everyone. @itsALEXAonline Let Me Go: via @YouTube
10 December 2014
@itsALEXAonline @marcigeller @SongArtsA If @IcelandSpring helps you make this AMAZING music we must be doing something right! Great work :)
10 December 2014
Category 5 storm just passed Iceland. Plenty of rain came with it. After filtering through lava for decades we can finally bottle it.
04 December 2014

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“Iceland Spring is committed to supplying the world with water that has on the lowest levels of chemicals ever recorded.”

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