Iceland Spring Water

"Iceland Spring is committed to supplying the world with water that has on the lowest levels of chemicals ever recorded." GOOD WATER GUIDE

Iceland Spring water originates in the mountains high above Heiðmörk. Our spring location has been carefully selected because of its remote location. This ensures the process in which creates the most naturally clean and healthy drinking water available. This means Iceland Spring has never been touched by man since the pristine snow fell on the Blue Mountains of Iceland centuries ago. Unlike other waters, Iceland Spring water creates a naturally high pH balance, with no added alkaline, making Iceland Spring the best bottled drinking water there is.


To continue with our commitment to preserve the environment, Iceland Spring bottles are fully recyclable and bottled using power by geothermal energy to protect our environment. We, at Iceland Spring want generations to come to live healthier while enjoying our delicious water.

In an effort to give back, Iceland Spring has joined forces with Kolvidur, and Icelandic organization whose focus is to decrease the amount of carbon found in the atmoshpere. Iceland Spring will offset its carbon emissions with the aid of Kolviður´s Iceland Carbon Neutral Fund. For every container of water we produce and ship, we will plant the corresponding number of trees in Iceland to offset the carbon emissions. Our goal is to reforest Iceland to the level it was before the Vikings.