Improve Heart Function

& Prevent Oxidosis
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DR CHENEY HAS PERFORMED EXTENSIVE CLINICAL TESTING ON HIS PATIENTS AND HAS NOW PERFORMED A DETAILED CLINICAL TRIAL ON BRANDON TO SHOW THE POSITIVE EFFECTS ICELAND SPRING 8.88 pH HAS ON BRANDON’S HEART DURING EXERCISE. SEE THE RESULTS ARE ASTOUNDING. Dr. Paul Cheney – PHD published doctor of internal medicine and  pioneer in treatment of  chronic fatigue  syndrome and me has been testing iceland spring against all other waters on the market and can unequivocally prove that Iceland Spring helps heart function and prevents oxidosis. For over 25 years, Dr. Paul Cheney has pioneered clinical research in CFS. He has lectured around the world on CFS and is an internationally recognized authority on the subject. He has published over 35 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals including two landmark studies in the Annals of Internal Medicine (1992) and Clinical Infectious Disease (1994). brandon-bass He keynoted two recent international conferences and lectured in Germany on his most recent work on CFS, involving a putative defect in oxygen utilization pathways related to cellular energy production and the P450 detoxification pathway. While practicing in Lake Tahoe in 1984-1987, Dr. Cheney along with Dr. Dan Peterson helped lead a research effort with the NIH, the CDC and Harvard University School of Medicine studying a localized outbreak of what would eventually be known as chronic fatigue syndrome. Since 1990, Dr. Cheney has headed the Cheney Clinic, now located in Asheville, NC after over ten years in Charlotte, NC. The Cheney Clinic has evaluated over 8,000 patients from 48 states and 24 foreign countries and participated in an FDA-approved multi-center pharmaceutical drug trial using Ampligen, a biological response modifier. Dr. Cheney holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Duke University and is an M.D. graduate of the Emory University School of Medicine.