The Source : “Heiðmörk” near Reykjavik

The best bottled drinking water
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Iceland Spring´s natural source is located in a naturally protected area in a nature reserve called "Heiðmörk" near Reykjavik. In order to prevent unauthorized entry the spring water sources are fenced off in a 1.5 million square meter security zone. Reykjavik Water Works, which has been operating in this area since the early twentieth century to secure supplies of cold water to Reykjavik City, is responsible for all quality measures and control of the area. These control measures have been based on HACCP procedures since 1997. And Reykjavik Water Works became one of the first water utilities in the world to recieve ISO 9001 food grade quality certification in 1995. The best bottled drinking water Extensive chemical, physical, microbiological and radiological analyses are both carried out frequently on finished products and the source water, both by the Reykjavik Water Works and Iceland Spring. Available chemical and hydro-geological evidence indicates that the groundwater / spring water present in Heiðmörk and the Iceland Spring area, originates from a deep, semiconfined aquifer with an extension far into the uninhabited mountains of Bláfjöll and even into the central inland ice fields, such as the one forming the glacier Langjökull. This correlation constitutes the ultimate sign of quality for a spring water bottler. Our spring water is produced by rain and snow converted into ice thousands of years ago when no human pollutions existed, thus making Iceland Spring one of the best bottled waters.